• Highly accurate and flexible universal testing machines from Hegewald and Peschke
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Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN/50kN (lateral test room)
Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN/50kN (lateral test room)

Tensile testing of metals and plastics at various temperatures

Universal testing machine 100kN with lateral test room 50kN and temperature chamber

The universal testing machine is designed with a temperature chamber for tests between -80 °C and 300 °C, which is mounted on a movable roller carriage system to easily move the chamber in and out of the test room. Various clamping tools for specimen mounting (e.g. wedge type grips or pincer grips) and compression plates are available. A bending bench with inductive displacement sensors is provided for usage inside the temperature chamber as well as a video extensometer, which enables measurements in the high and low temperature range. The testing software LabMaster is delivered with the modules metal and plastic tensile test, bending test,compression test and the video recording module.

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