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Testing of paper and cardboard with universal testing machine Inspekt 20 kN
Universal testing machine Inspekt 20 kN with temperature chamber

Testing of paper and cardboard

Universal testing machine Inspekt 20 kN

With this testing system, consisting of the testing machine Inspekt 20 kN and a climate chamber, a variety of tests of paper and cardboard, as well as corrugated board and tissue paper are possible. The universal testing machine Inspekt 20kN has a testing speed of up to 3000mm/min. It is equipped with a climate chamber for a temperature range of -80 to +250°C as well as a humidity of 15-95% and a safety door. It is controlled by the material testing software LabMaster.

The development of new papers and cardboards with new functions for the packaging and food industry is of great interest, especially against the background of saving plastic waste and using recyclable raw materials. To meet the future requirements of the packaging industry, e.g. in the food sector, new special papers, packaging with new functions and better printable paper webs are developed. In order to realize these goals, research is being conducted on fiber-based solutions. Their material properties are determined in various tests.

Bending tests on cardboard and board

Bending and buckling stiffness is an important property of cardboard for the packaging industry. It ensures that goods arrive safely and retain their stability when stacked.

Hysteresis tests

In creep tests or hysteresis tests, the behavior of paper is observed over a longer period of time, i.e. how the properties of certain papers change under the influence of moisture and/or temperature.

Paper tension tests

These include tear tests on paper strips and tensile tests on tissue and paper products as well as special films and cellulose materials. Furthermore, the wet breaking strength of paper and cardboard is determined in corresponding tests. In addition, tests to determine the puncture force on solid and corrugated board as well as peel and separation tests to determine the adhesive force or adhesive sliding friction can be carried out.

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