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bending test on thermoplastic pipe segment
3-point bending test on plastic pipe segment
tensile test on cable strands with connecting element
Tensile test on stranded copper wire

Testing of pipe segments

Universal testing machine inspekt table 50kN

Pipe systems made of thermoplastics are used, among other things, for the transport of water or gas. High quality requirements are placed on them, such as flexibility or a high ring stiffness.

Hegewald & Peschke offers various testing solutions for this type of testing, such as this testing system consisting of the universal testing machine inspekt table 50kN, a wedge grips 50kN, a 3-point bending bench 20kN as well as the material testing software LabMaster for test execution and test evaluation.

Shoulder specimens are taken from the pipe cross-section of water pipes, gas pipes or connecting elements. These test specimens are subjected to tensile and bending loads in accordance with DVS2203 in order to be able to characterise the material behaviour. DVS2203 is the standard for testing welded joints on panels and pipes made of thermoplastics.

Furthermore, tensile tests on copper strands can be carried out with this test system (cable strands with connecting element). 

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