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Testing of protective gloves via puncture resistance test

Universal testing machine inspekt duo up to 10 kN

A universal testing machine inspekt duo up to 10 kN is used. It is equipped with a special device for pressure tests on gloves or glove cut-outs made of polyethylene or latex and material testing software LabMaster

The tests are carried out according to the standards EN863 / EN388 / EN374-4.

Disposable gloves must still be sufficiently tear-resistant even after contact with certain liquids, especially when in contact with pointed objects. The resistance of a material for protective gloves to degradation by a liquid chemical is determined by measuring the change in puncture resistance of the material for gloves after constant contact of the outer surface with the test chemical in question.

The test applies to gloves made of natural or synthetic polymer and latex materials. Comparative tests are carried out on glove sections with and without chemical contact. The test device consists of a test mandrel for the piercing device according to DIN EN 388, a screw fixture as a holder for the rolled edge bottle as well as a rolled edge bottle to hold the specimen.

Application information: Testing of protective gloves

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