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tensile testing machine inspekt 250 kN with screw
screw testing according to ISO 898-1, ISO 3506, ISO 10002, ISO 6892 Screw testing with the universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN

Testing of screws according to standard

Universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN

  • Branch: Metal and Steel Industry

This universal testing machine inspekt 250 kN can be used for testing screws. The conditions for screw testing are laid down in various standards:

  • DIN EN ISO 898-1 (Determination of the maximum breaking load of screws with threads up to thread size M39)
  • DIN EN ISO 10002-1 (Determination of stress-strain relationship in metallic sheets by means of the uniaxial tensile test),
  • DIN EN ISO 6892-1 (Specification of conditions for tensile tests on metallic materials),
  • DIN EN ISO 3506-1/2/ (Determination of the mechanical properties of stainless steel fasteners).

The safety requirements for screws are high. The test system must provide the correct prerequisites for a correct test sequence: In the case of screw testing, it must guarantee fast and safe clamping of the screw, enable testing of different thread sizes and determine and evaluate the strain during the tensile test. 

The LabMaster test software is available for determining and evaluating the test results. The necessary test accessories are put together depending on the planned tests.

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