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tensile test on geotextiles and surface structures
Universal testing machine with second test space for testing geotextiles
Textile testing
Hydraulic grip for tensile tests on geotextiles according to EN ISO 10319
Stamp penetration test (CBR test) according to DIN EN ISO 12236
Stamp penetration tester

Testing of textile materials and geotextiles

Universal testing machine inspekt 100 kN

Textile structures are extremely versatile. Geotextiles, for example, are often used in the construction industry. Depending on the wide range of possible applications, a wide variety of tests can be carried out on textile materials. 

Hegewald & Peschke offers suitable testing machines, specimen grips and jaw inserts. In many cases, test accessories that are already available on the customer side can also be fitted. Since large energies are sometimes released when the test specimen breaks, an optical displacement measuring system rather than a mechanical one is generally used. The tests are carried out and evaluated using the versatile LabMaster materials testing software

Tear propagation test on textiles according to EN ISO 13937-2 and EN ISO 9073-4

The tear test is a proven test method for the description of films and related materials. For this purpose, the specimen is provided with an incision from which the further tearing process starts. The test determines the tear resistance or the force required to tear the incision further.

Stamp penetration test (CBR test) according to DIN EN ISO 12236

DIN EN ISO 12236 specifies the method for determining the resistance to penetration of geotextiles and related products. The purpose of the test is to determine the force applied to the test specimen when a blunt punch is pushed through. The test is usually carried out on dry samples.

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