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Testing of clutch springs for commercial vehicles
Testing device for clutch springs up to 100kN test force
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Universal testing machine inspekt 100 kN with safety doors for testing disc springs

Testing on disc springs

Universal testing machine inspekt 100kN

For this application the universal testing machine Inspekt 100kN is used as a disc spring testing machine. For this purpose it is equipped with a suitable testing device for disc springs. This testing device for clutch springs is equipped with a force measurement and a spring travel measuring system with a maximum test force of 100kN. The test is carried out and the results evaluated with the material testing software LabMaster.

Various testing possibilities:

1. testing of the actuation travel of the diaphragm spring:

  • Measurement of the force and the spring travel
  • Random non-destructive testing during production as part of quality assurance

2. checking the uniformity of the bending of the spring tongues by scanning with a measuring probe

Testable spring dimensions:

  • Outer diameter: 270 to 440mm
  • Inner diameter: 50 to 150mm. 

The test device consists of:

  • 3 load cells below the tool holder,
  • upper thrust collar holder with block protection
  • lower measuring platform with force measurement and adjustable holder for displacement measuring probes.  
Component testing: Test device for disc springs of motor vehicles

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