Bending test on sandwich panel

Testing of sandwich panels

Universal testing machine Inspekt 150 kN

  • Branch: Research and Development, Textile Industry, Plastics Industry

With this testing system consisting of a universal testing machine Inspekt 150 kN and corresponding accessories, various standard-compliant tests can be carried out on sandwich composites.

  • 3- and 4-point bending bench 20 kN for tests according to ASTM C393
  • Testing device for shear test 150 kN according to DIN 53294 (testing of core composites)
  • Test device for compression tests 150 kN according to DIN EN ISO 844 (Determination of compression properties of hard foams)
  • 100 kN uniaxial traction device for ASTM C297 tests (standard test method for the flat tensile strength of sandwich constructions)

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