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Universal testing machine inspekt 400 kN with hydraulic grips and video extensometer
Tensile testing machine for metal tensile test
Grip for relaxation tests on wire ropes
Specimen holder for relaxation tests on braided wire ropes
Grip for tensile tests on wire ropes
Hydraulic grip with special jaws for tensile tests on wire ropes

Tensile testing machine for metal tensile test on wire ropes

Universal testing machine inspekt 400 kN with hydraulic grips and video extensometer

The testing system is specially adapted to the testing of wire ropes. It includes a tensile testing machine with a maximum load of 400 kN, hydraulic grips and video extensometers for optical strain measurement.

This configuration can be used, for example, to analyze material strength and the relationship between ductility and hardness of a material. T

The tensile testing machine of the inspekt series impresses with its particularly high mechanical precision, first-class frame rigidity and state-of-the-art control electronics.
In combination with the user-friendly testing software LabMaster and the appropriate accessories, standard-based and customer-specific tests can be easily implemented. 

With a hydraulic clamping device, the material specimens can be clamped quickly and without slipping. The grips are equipped with special jaws for soft clamping of (braided) wire ropes. These jaws consist of extended, non-profiled sleeves, which are directly adapted to the wire rope diameter. For better load application, the wire rope is soaked in oil and wetted with fine corundum particles to create a large surface area between the jaws and the specimen.

Special clamping fixtures are used for relaxation tests. Due to the wedge function of these clamping sleeves, the clamping force increases with the tensile load, so that safe tensioning of the wire ropes can be ensured and slippage of the tensile specimens can be prevented.

The video extensometer ONE1 is a non-contact deformation measuring device for material testing based on high-resolution video technology using the surface structure (no marking neccessary). By using 2 cameras, the strain distribution of very large specimens can be evaluated without gaps.
A module for digital image correlation can be used to lay the foundations for simulation processes in the automotive industry. It allows the determination of local strains (spatially and directionally resolved) and the generation of color-coded area maps for the visualization of the strain distribution. This illustrates complex changes in components during testing.

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