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Calibration of your testing systems

Since 29.06.2012 the calibration laboratory of Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH is accredited by DAkkS (D-K-17222-01-00) and offers on-site calibration services with calibration certificate for the measurands force, length and hardness at material testing machines. 

Calibration in measurement and testing technology means the determination of measurement deviations of the respective testing machine or test device. Through a calibration of measuring and testing machines, measured values are traced back to national standards. This ensures a reliable determination of the measured variables.

We calibrate electromechanical and hydraulic universal testing machines, extensometers, and hardness testers with different methods and loads either in our laboratory. The accredited measurands are load, position and hardness. Our calibration services are used as proofs for the metrological traceability according to national and international standards. A mandatory proceeding ensures that only validated measuring methods and traceable measuring equipments are used for the calibration of measuring devices.

Calibrations by our DAkkS accredited laboratory staff guarantee for the reliability of measuring results and are the metrological basis for a sound quality assurance. Thus, customers improve their competitive position on national and international markets and strengthen business confidence in their products.
Machines are calibrated on site according to DIN EN ISO 7500 and customers receive a certificate.

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