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Presentation of testing equipments and products

Accessories for material testing - Extensometers

Extensometers, also called strain transducers or strain sensors, are measuring instruments used in materials testing to measure the change in length or width directly on the material specimen. Based on the deformation of the material, the strain is determined.

Many standards - such as ISO 6892-1 for tensile tests on metallic materials or DIN EN ISO527-1 for the determination of tensile properties on plastics - require the use of extensometers to determine parameters such as the Young's modulus or the increase in the elastic straight line and the resulting parameters such as the yield strength or the elongation at yield, etc. The choice of a suitable extensometer is therefore a matter of course.

The selection of a suitable extensometer depends on a number of different factors. The following presentation provides an overview of the various extensometer models and their areas of application.

Presentation extensometers

Load measurement in Universal Testing Machines

Load Measurement in Universal Testing Machines - from load cell to the displayed measuring channel

Flyer Load Measurement in Universal Testing Machines



A. How does a force transducer work?
B. The concepts of resolution and noise
C. Measurement chain
D. The analogue-to-digital converter (A/D converter) (data processing - integration time - filter behavior)

Accessories for material testing - Clamping devices, specimen grips, test tools

Presentation Accessories for material testing

Selection of the clamping tool and clamping device as well as application examples.

Plastics material testing EN 527

Presentation composite and plastics testing

Test procedures, standards, requirements for testing machines and application examples for testing plastics and composites.

Materials testing in microsystems technology

Presentation on mechanical testing of elements of microsystems technology

Various testing machines for the mechanical testing of elements of microsystems technology. The presentation informs about possible specimen shapes and testing technologies as well as different application examples.

Furniture and Component Testing

Presentation about testing technology for the furniture and component testing

Overview of various applications in component and furniture testing. Standard-compliant function and/or service life tests on chairs, tables, beds, doors, mattresses, fittings, benches and much more.

Metal tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 6892

Practical experience with DIN EN ISO 6892- metal tensile testing for room and elevated temperature

Summary of practical experience with the metal tensile test at room and elevated temperature according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1:2009-12 and DIN EN ISO 6892-2:2011-05.

Material testing on textiles

Application flyer with testing possibilities for textiles

Presentation of different possibilities to examine textiles in terms of material technology.

Technology for the testing of wires

Application flyer with various testing possibilities for wires

Overview of various solutions for wire testing.


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