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Competency generates results

Why Hegewald & Peschke?

Our testing technology meets the highest quality standards and delivers precise and reproducible test results - that's a matter of course for us. In addition, there are further good reasons for our testing technology:

Our customers can always count on us

We support you with free application support for our testing software over the entire life cycle of the testing machine.

Software made by Hegewald & Peschke

We program our testing software ourselves and can therefore directly implement customer requests and adaptations at any time.

Designed, developed and made in Germany

The complete construction, development and production takes place in our facility in Nossen, Germany. To deliver best products we cooperate with qualified local partners only!

All in one hand

From purchase order to delivery: The whole production of your testing machine will be coordinated by one project manager who is your direct contact person!

On top of that our customer benefit from:

Instead of frequently changing employees, we rely on team of loyal employees. As a customer, you can benefit from the many years of experience of each individual!

We offer all services from one source: consulting, design, software development, production, calibration as well as service and maintenance.

You can always reach us directly and quickly! Our customers appreciate our competent consulting, project-specific implementation as well as our reliable service team.

We and our global partners keep travel costs low for our customers during maintenance and calibration. For this purpose, we combine our jobs by optimal route planning for more efficiency and sustainability.

We promise stable and transparent prices. This also applies to wear parts, spare parts or subsequent extensions of your test system. We do not charge any spare parts surcharges.

Our testing software LabMaster is an all-inclusive package - you can directly implement all standards and any customer-specific test. It is not necessary to purchase any additional standard-based test specifications!


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