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Interchangeable devices for integrating various components into the test room

It is often necessary to integrate various accessory devices into the test chamber in order to carry out different material tests on a testing machine. For example, a high-temperature furnace must be moved into the test room for metal tensile tests at elevated temperatures in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6892-2. For the next test task on the machine, a long-travel strain gauge may then be required for the exact determination of yield points and elongation at break.

The changing device with linear roller guide reduces the changeover times to a minimum when carrying out different testing tasks on one machine. The accessory devices can be moved easily, safely and manually into the test area. Devices that are not in use are placed in a parking position behind the testing machine.

This arrangement also allows the high-temperature oven to be heated up and cooled down outside the test room so that other tests can be carried out on the machine during this time. The test sequence is therefore not interrupted and waiting times are significantly reduced. This ensures more efficient use of the universal testing machine in the daily workflow. The integrated mechanism for manual adjustment of the furnace allows it to be optimally adjusted in height and inclination in the test area. The long-travel extensometer is equipped with an integrated electromotive height adjustment with a height adjustment range of 300 mm and can therefore be quickly and easily positioned at different points on the specimens. By positioning the changing device behind the universal testing machine, the operator is not restricted when handling it.

Changing device for high temperature furnaces with handling device for hot tensile specimens

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Changing device for different accessory equiment at universal testing maschines

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