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Pneumatic test axis
Pneumatic test axis

Pneumatic test axes

Pneumatic test axes for different applications

  • Pneumatic cylinder (Festo), round cylinder with tie rods
  • Load-controlled, or load and position-controlled actuators (pneumatic test axes) with a 5 kN load cell and 20 mm clamping adapter for easy connection and exchange of pressure pieces
  • Test loads of 1500 N / 2500 N / 4500 N (depending on the piston diameter)
  • Piston stroke 500 mm by default, up to 1000 mm are possible
  • Piston can be chosen arbitrarily
  • Absolute position measurement
  • Controller for pneumatic actuator via CAN-BUS
  • Pneumatic controller unit
  • Movement adapter for different actuators, swivelling or rotating and swivelling

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