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Test rig for the furniture industry for fittings, hinges and folding mechanisms
Test rig for fittings and folding mechanisms

Testing rig for fittings

Testing rig for the testing of fittings, hinges and folding mechanisms

  • frame is mounted ca. 200 mm high (on vibration-absorbing feet which can be fixed to the floor)
  • frame dimensions ca. 1,6 m x 1,8 m, in the specimen area 1,2 m x 1,8 m, with grid hole system 150 mm x 150mm M10
  • motor-driven height-adjustable frame construction for the electromotive pivoting unit; installation in existing test rig
  • pivot frame with manually adjustable bracket  for the specimen connection
  • counter weight with adjustable part for the taring of the moment of the torque; max. 7kg additional weight of the specimen connection can be compensated
  • 1 servo drive for the pivoting unit
  • 1 load cell for collecting the torque, integrated in the bracket drive
  • 1 angular measuring system integrated in the bracket drive
  • controller is mounted on the frame; controller is based on the control system EDC220 and allows the operation of the testing rig with Labmaster
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