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"EN 1728" "EN 581" "furniture test device" "pendulum stroke test"
Testing machine for pendulum stroke tests

Pendulum stroke test

Pendulum stroke testing for seating furniture and tables

  • determination of deflection, impact, absorption and damping, with graphic representation in a travel-time-diagram according to EN 581, EN 716, EN 1130,  EN 1153,  prEN 518, EN 1728 , EN 12221, EN 12227,  EN 12727,  ENV1178
  • automatic calculation of the characteristics S1, S2, D, K and S1k
  • test rig can be installed into any test field or free-standing
  • floating axle is height-adjustable up to 2000 mm above ground
  • different pendulum hammers can be installed due to simple clamping system with quick clamping system
  • impact height can be determined precisely by 1° due to the integrated angular scale

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