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Rockwell Hardness Test Bench for crankshafts

Automatic Hardness Testing on crankshafts

All controls for setting up the machine and for the electronic positioning and test gripper clamping are placed in an operator panel in front of the machine. Through a serial interface at the hardness test head, measured values can easily be sent to a data capture device (printer, pc).
The crankshaft will be transported to the hardness test bench using a suitable hoist (hoist and separate lifting accessories are not included in delivery) and will be placed and clamped between spikes.
To realise this, the clamp table has to be driven to its open cut load position.

The crankshaft can be rotated to its axis and manual freely positioned m below the test head. If the machine has reached its testing position, the user is operating the electromechanic / -pneumatic bracing and centering.

The hardness test head is electromotive movable in Z-axis.
The hardness measurement can be made by manual or electromotive testing.

For security reasons, all electromechanic / -pneumatic movements are only in two-hand operating available!

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