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Torsion testing device with 5000Nm test force
Torsion test machine 5000Nm

Testing machine for torsion tests

Torsion testing machine 5000Nm

The torsion tester T-5000H is designed for single-axis torsion tests. A maximum torque of 5000Nm at a rotational speed of 2 revolutions per minute can be realized. The torsion axis is arranged horizontally. The system is based on a base frame made of welded steel sections. Thus a high torsional stiffness is achieved.

The working area is closed by a protective hood, which is locked by means of a magnetic tumbler during the test operation. The torque transducer is adapted on the right sliding side. The positioning is done manually in T-slots. The sample to be tested is clamped between the left and right side.


  • Device (with base frame, without protective cover): 1350mm x 2350mm x 850mm (HxWxD)
  • Clamping range: approx. Ø350mm,
  • Max. test space length between the mounting flanges: 1000mm

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