Video extensometer with universal testing machine
Video extensometer for material testing
Video extensometer with universal testing machine
Video extensometer with universal testing machine

Optical Extensometers - Video extensometer

Deformation measurement by video extensometer

The videoextensometer ONE1 is a non-contact deformation measuring device for material testing on the basis of high-resolution video technology using the surface structure or, if required, markings.

The video extensometer is used for the optical measurement of length change and is suitable for tensile tests, compression tests, bending tests and torsion tests on all materials.


  • Suitable for tensile, compression, bending, shear and torsion tests on all materials
  • Non-contact measuring method
  • With a suitable surface structure, no artificial marking is required
  • Easy handling
  • Robust housing for use in laboratory and industrial environments
  • Indirect measurement via mirror possible
  • Reliably applicable for different specimen thicknesses without modification or recalibration up to ±15 mm
  • Insensitive to interference due to the use of blue light in a small wavelength range and polarization filters
  • Stable and reproducible; class 0.5 according to ISO 9513 in the mentioned field of view
  • Can be used for strain measurement and strain control
  • Can be used in combination with temperature chambers and high temperature furnaces up to 1400°C (without additional costs)
  • Easily expandable for combined determination of longitudinal and lateral strain or as a multi-camera system for larger fields of view
  • Automatic determination of the strain characteristics based on the defined initial gauge length and the range of maximum strain
  • Simultaneous evaluation of several strain ranges
    1. Segmented evaluation of the complete free length (strain distribution possible) - advantage: specimen break always in the strain measurement range
    2. Evaluation of different initial measuring lengths

Depending on requirements, several cameras can be combined, e.g.

  1. "Splitted mode":Evaluation of very large specimens via two cameras (one camera per measurement mark)
  2. One camera with high-resolution measuring range for evaluation of the elastic deformation and another camera with large field of view for evaluation of the elongation


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