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Testing machine for calibration purposes
10-021-050_Pruefmaschine-SA__Kraft-Bezugsnormalmessmaschine_50kN_für_Referenzaufnehmer.jpg Calibration machine 50 kN
Testing machine for the calibration of load cells
10-021-050_Prüfmaschine-SA__Kraft-Bezugsnormalmessmaschine_50kN_für_Referenzaufnehmer__2_.jpg Calibration machine with reversing hanger to achieve accuracy class 00 or 05 according to DIN EN ISO 376

Calibration machine 50 kN

Testing machine inspekt KBNM 50 kN for calibration purposes

To achieve accuracy class 00 or 05 according to DIN EN ISO 376, a so-called reverse hanger is used. It ensures that the reference load cell is only used in one load direction. Furthermore, the reference load cells are used with two measuring bridges. One measuring bridge is used as a reference for calibration, the second for machine control. The tests are carried out using LabMaster and the calibration module programmed specifically for these applications. This allows the partially automated test procedure, manual fine corrections and can be used to evaluate the calibration. Due to the SQL database structure, all tests are stored safely and sustainably.

Standard functions (with PC): 

  • Force and displacement control
  • Overload protection
  • sample break detector, return function
  • Manual fine positioning of the crosshead
  • Set-up mode via manual keyboard

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