• Highly accurate and flexible universal testing machines from Hegewald and Peschke
Universal testing machine inspekt table 5kN
Universal testing machine inspekt table 5kN

Compression and bending testing on styrofoam samples with automatic feeding system

Universal testing machine inspekt table 5kN

The inspekt table 5kN universal testing machine performs this task efficiently, reliably and free of malfunction. The stacked styrofoam specimen are placed on a conveyor belt with a length of 2200mm,fed by this into a 900mm-high hopper and then separated. The data of the lowest specimen is read by a barcode scanner and integrated in the database of the testing software. The specimen height is used for transportation and separation process of single specimen, which is  then pushed onto the  scale and after weighing further with the linear drive into the testing roomWith the specimen data transmitted by the barcode scanner, the testing machine is already set to the sample geometry and compressionor bending tests can be carried out immediately. The tested specimen are blown by compressed air from the testing room into one of the waste containers behind the testing machine. Manual operation of the machine is possible, without the need for changes to the automation system. LabMaster, with the module for the automatic feed or an robot is available as a control software.

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