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Drum peel device according to DIN EN 2243-3
Screw clamp and drum peeling device

Drum peel test on sandwich specimen - Testing of composites

Universal testing machine inspekt table 20 kN

Test system for drum peel tests on sandwich composites materials according to DIN EN 2243/3 and ASTM 1781. These sandwich specimens or fiber reinforced components are used in the aviation industry. The test system consists of a universal testing machine inspekt table blue 20 kN as well as a special roller peeling device and a screw fixture. 

The standards DIN EN 2243/3 and ASTM 1781 define the general requirements for the determination of the peeling resistance of structural adhesives on honeycomb core composites at room or other temperatures. The drum peel test can be used to determine the separating force between the top layer and the core composite. The adhesive strength is determined using a peeling tool. The opposite side of the top layer is clamped at the screw clamping tool and pulled at a speed of 25mm/min.

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