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Testing gas springs with universal testing machine inspekt solo 1 kN
Universal testing machine inspekt solo 1kN for gas spring testing

Gas spring testing

Universal testing machine inspekt solo-L 1 kN

Universal testing machine inspekt solo 1 kN in L-design with increased testing speed of 3000mm/min for testing gas pressure dampers.

Gas pressure springs are pneumatic springs whose spring force is generated by gas under high pressure. An advantage compared to coil springs is the fact that the force acts almost independently of the spring travel.

Gas springs with dynamic damping are used in the automotive industry. They are used, for example, as opening and retaining mechanisms on boot lids and bonnets, and as steering or engine dampers in vehicles. 

In the test, the extension and retraction forces of the gas springs as well as the friction that results from the contact of the piston rod with seals and guides are determined.


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