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Universal hardness testers Brinell-Vickers-Rockwell

Standard-compliant hardness testing according to Brinell (DIN EN ISO 6506), Vickers (DIN EN ISO 6507), Rockwell (DIN EN ISO 6508), Knoop (DIN EN ISO 4545)

Universal hardness testers impress with their versatility and the ability to perform the various Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell and Knoop hardness testing methods with just one hardness testing machine.

The universal hardness testers work with electromechanical load application for precise realization of the test forces and test sequences defined according to the specific standards. This ensures maximum accuracy and reproducibility in hardness testing. The load application time can be set individually. In addition, overshooting behavior, which occurs when the indenter comes into contact with the test load, is completely prevented.

The universal hardness testing machines are optimally equipped for use in quality assurance and quality control during production as well as in the laboratory environment and in the R&D sector.

Universal hardness testing machine for common test methods

Depending on the hardness tester, the indenters for the various hardness test methods according to Rockwell, Vickers, Brinell or Knoop can either be exchanged quickly and without the use of tools using magnetic indenter holders. Alternatively, a motorized turret is used, in which several indenters are inserted simultaneously. This means that no test tool change is necessary and the correct indenter or the required lens can be applied automatically or manually in just 0.5 seconds.

Testing software for hardness testing machines

The HardWin XL hardness testing software is included with all universal hardness testing machines. It impresses with a convenient user interface and a wide range of functions. In addition, the standard scope of the HardWin XL testing software already includes many options such as automatic evaluation, autofocus and automatic light control at no extra charge. Special software extensions, e.g. for recording hardness curves, scanning, weld seam testing, sinter testing, multi-sampling or mapping, are also possible.

The right hardness tester for your application

If you are interested in one of our hardness testers, we will provide you with comprehensive advice and offer you the right hardness tester for your application. You are also welcome to see the suitability of the hardness tester for yourself during a demonstration. With different equipment variants, the universal hardness testers can be optimally adapted to your needs - from a device for individual tests to a fully automatic machine. We also offer an extensive range of accessories for the hardness testers, such as motorized XY cross tables for automated tests or various specimen holders.


Universal hardness tester HPuniversal 250/750/3000

Universal hardness tester Vickers-Brinell-Rockwell-Knoop

The universal hardness tester HPuniversal is available as 250, 750 and 3000 kp device with a electromotive load application. Contrary to the normally load application by weights, all standardised test loads can be realised in the case of HPuniversal and its design.

Universal hardness tester HPuniversal 250-3000 MHSR Video

Universal hardness tester Vickers-Brinell-Rockwell-Knoop

The HP250-3000 MHSR Video universal hardness tester is flexible and versatile and suitable for a wide range of testing tasks, both in harsh production environments and in research and development. With the standard motorised test head adjustment and the automatic 6-fold or 8-fold turret, hardness tests can be carried out quickly and easily using various hardness testing methods.


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