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Testing machine for battery cell testing

Universal testing machine for component testing in the electrical industry

Battery cells are the crucial component of electric cars. In everyday use, they are exposed to a wide range of electrochemical, thermal and mechanical stresses. In order to avoid hazards and ensure the quality, functionality and durability of the battery cells, its components are tested in complex test procedures.

Testing of charging technology for electromobility

Test systems for electrical components

For the charging technology required in electromobility, Hegewald & Peschke has suitable universal testing machines from the small inspekt solo 2.5 kN to the robust inspekt table 100 kN in its range.

Testing the actuating force of wire strippers

Testing machine for component testing

Wire strippers can be used to safely, quickly and reliably remove insulation from electrical wires of various thicknesses. To ensure a high level of operating comfort when using the wire strippers, the actuating force that the operator must apply should not be too great. When testing this force, a defined maximum value must not be exceeded.

Testing the shear forces of contact elements

Universal testing machine inspekt table blue 20 kN with shear device

Shear tests are used to determine whether the solder contacts between the switching contact and the component can withstand the high stresses to which they are subjected in practice, often with many millions of switching cycles. For this purpose, the component to be tested is clamped in a specially developed shearing device and subjected to a steadily increasing shearing force until the switching contact shears off.

Testing of electrical switches and buttons

Universal testing machine inspekt table blue 5 kN

By means of special devices it is possible to check the amount of force and path for actuating and releasing the buttons and for actuating the switches. 

Tensile test on cables and strands

Universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 20kN

Test system for tensile force tests on cables, cables with plugs, ferrules and cable lugs, which are installed in control cabinets. The testing system consists of the universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 20 kN with two load cells (20 kN and 3 kN), one TH170-50 wrap-around grips and a pair of wedge grips with clamping jaws for flat samples with saw tooth profile. 

Testing of electronic components

Universal testing machine Inspekt table 20kN

  • Industry sector: Electrical Industry

With this extended universal testing machine Inspekt table 20 kN various components can be tested.

Testing of connection elements

Universal testing machine Inspekt table blue 5 kN

This universal testing machine Inspekt table 5 kN is equipped with a screw clamping tool, pliers or scissors clamping tool as well as a T-slot plate and further extensive accessories for clamping in order to test interface products.  


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