• Highly accurate and flexible universal testing machines from Hegewald and Peschke
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Tensile testing machine inspekt table as metal tensile testing machine with screw type wedge action grips and safety door
Universal testing machine inspekt table 100 kN as tensile testing machine
Tensile testing machine with wedge type grips and clip-on extensometer
Universal testing machine insepkt table 50 kN as tensile testing machine
Testing machine inspekt table as tensile testing machine with temperature chamber
Universal testing machine inspekt table 50 kN - extended version
Material testing machine for tensile tests (also off-centre)
Materialpruefmaschine_inspekt_table_50kN_mit_Kraftmesszellenverschiebeeinheit Universal testing machine inspekt table 50 kN with load cell displacement jig
Tensile testing machine with wegde type grip
Universal testing machine inspekt table 50 kN - widened version
Material testing system for high-temperature tensile tests
Universal testing machine inspekt table 100 kN with high temperature furnace

Universal testing machine inspekt table

Material testing machines up to 250 kN

The testing machine series inspekt table was developed for standard-compliant materials and component testing in the medium load range, with particular attention paid to reliability and flexibility. It is ideally suited for materials testing of plastics or non-ferrous metals as well as for testing smaller components, for example from instrument engineering.

In combination with our user-friendly testing software LabMaster, standard-based and customer-specific tests can be easily implemented. Testing machine, testing software and our extensive range of accessories such as specimen grips and testing tools, extensometers or temperature control devices are optimally matched to each other and offer the ideal testing system for a wide variety of testing applications (tensile tests, compression tests, bending tests, peel tests,...).

Inspekt table is available in six different load levels from 5 kN to 250 kN. On request, the testing machines of the inspekt table series can be equipped with a second test area. They are available as floor-standing or table-top versions, depending on the requirements of the workplace.

Advantages and features of the universal testing machines inspekt table

Modern and flexible load frame design for various applications

  • Load frame extremely variable in height and width → optimal adaptation to different specimen and component sizes
  • Connection of peripheral devices (e.g. furnaces, temperature chambers) and additional measuring and control channels (e.g. extensometers, measuring probes, optical sensors) possible

Innovative construction guarantees highest measuring precision

  • Use of backlash-free precision ball screws with larger diameter (preloaded in aluminium support profiles) and special nut system
    → Precise load transmission
    → High lateral force stability
    → Increased axial rigidity
  • Brushless AC drive for static material testing as well as for alternating and continuous loads

Innovative control electronics for maximum measurement resolution & extensive functionality

  • High modularity and control precision
  • Adaptive controller
  • High-quality signal converters for maximum resolution
  • Standard functions:
    • Force, displacement, strain control
    • Overload protection
    • Automatic sensor identification incl. calibration data storage
    • Specimen break detection
    • Return function
    • Manual positioning via hand panel or our testing software LabMaster

Our testing machines speak your language: LabMaster - the testing software from Hegewald und Peschke

  • User-friendly usage concept
  • Complete software including all test modules (tensile, compression, bending, peel test) without additional costs
  • Universally applicable: simple and complex test procedures: standard-compliant and customer-specific
  • High flexibility for integration of external devices, data import and export as well as free configuration of test procedures

Highest safety with maximum operating convenience

  • CE-compliant protective housing optionally available for every application
  • Sustainable: capable for cost-efficient and application-oriented updates/upgrades



Safe test results: