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Shear test on wood materials
Shearing device according to EN 13354
4-point bending test on wooden plates
4-point bending test on wooden plates
4-point bending bench for wood materials
4-point bending bench for wood materials
Testing machine for wood
Universal testing inspekt table 50 kN

Bending test on wood materials

Universal testing machine inspekt table 50 kN

As a construction material, wood has an important position in the building industry. In this area of application, the material is subjected to great stresses. With material testing, the bending properties and shear characteristics are checked, among other things.

Hegewald & Peschke offers different testing solutions for these testing methods. This testing system, for example, consists of a universal testing machine inspekt table 50 kN, which is equipped with a 4-point bending bench. For measuring the deflection according to EN 789 an incremental displacement sensor is used. To ensure high lateral force stability and bending moment stability, a lateral force sensor is used.

The material and component testing software LabMaster provides the following results from the bending test, among others:

  • Maximum deflection to failure 
  • Bending stiffness 
  • Flexural modulus of elasticity

The test system is suitable for testing different plate product types and qualities in accordance with EN 13986 (wood-based materials for use in construction).

In addition, shear tests are performed with a shear fixture according to EN 13354 to determine shear modulus and shear strength.


4-point bending test on wood-based materials according to EN 789

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