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Test bench for tests on ladders according to EN 131
Test rig for ladder testing
Load pad on a pneumatic test axis during continuous loading test according to EN131
Cable winch on the frame of the test stand for height-adjustment of the cross section and the frame
Test cylinder, view on cross profile

Test stand for ladder testing in acc. to EN131

Testing of ladders

Force-controlled Calmar Pro test rig for vertical ladder tests, 2 cylinders for vertical testing according to EN 131, with testing and evaluation software CalMaster.

The pneumatic test axes each have their own controllers assembled in the immediate vicinity, which are operated from a PC via CAN-bus and work synchronised. Pressurized air and power is supplied to the test axis from the central supply terminal.

Consisting of:

  • 1 test structure 2400 x 1600mm, based on a galvanised steel base plate 2400 x 3600 mm
  • 1 via cable height-adjustable traverse profile on the front side of the frame for mounting the test cylinder for the middle stage of the test object
  • 1 via cable height adjustable frame of 2 side profiles (for mounting the test cylinder for the upper stage of the specimen)
  • height adjustment of the cross profile and the frame are made by manually operated winches
  • 2 test axis ø80x320, angular adjustment, incl. fixation for vertical load, not tiltable. Fmax 2000 N
  • 2 load cells

Supply terminal for 2 test axes
The supply terminal serves to connect up to 2 test axes. It realizes the transmission of the CAN-log to USB and the connection to the PC.

Framework for supply terminal, PC, keyboard and screen
The framework for supply terminals is made from aluminium profiles for installing a supply terminal and setting it up separately next to the test stand. It is moveable on fixable plastic wheels and can also be used stationary. 

Technical data:

  • power connection: 230VAC, 50 Hz
  • pneumatic connection: pressurized air 6 .. 10 bar; quality acc. ISO/DIS 8573-1 
  • control accuracy: ±5% of set value, enhanced after 20% of nominal load
  • load resolution:    min. 0.5 N
  • load accuracy:      ±1% of end value 
Further Information

Application flyer ladder testing


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