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High temperature testing machine with vacuum chamber and high temperature extensometer
High temperature testing system inspekt S 50 kN with vacuum chamber

High temperature testing system up to 1,800°C

Special testing machine inspekt S 50 kN

The high temperature testing system is based on the universal testing machine series inspekt. The inspekt S 50kN high-temperature testing machine from Hegewald & Peschke can be used to determine the mechanical properties of metallic and ceramic materials as well as metalloceramic composites. These are used, for example, as heat shields in space technology or as heat-insulating building materials.

The high-temperature test system has a high-temperature vacuum chamber for tests in the high-temperature range 1000°C-1800°C. The inert gas or vacuum chamber is used because many of the materials under investigation are sensitive to oxidation, such as refractory metals or carbon-bonded ceramics.

Precise strain measurement using a high-temperature extensometer in accuracy class 1 according to EN ISO 9513 is provided to record deformation up to the maximum temperature.

The spectrum of test methods ranges from tensile tests and compression tests to tests under 4-point bending load. Quasi-static tests, tests with repeated loads or partial unloadings as well as static creep tests up to 24 h are possible.

The high-temperature tests are controlled by the LabMaster materials testing software and the LabMaster module SteadyRise for heat treatments. The SteadyRise software is used to perform, monitor and document heat treatment processes. The temperature controllers are connected directly to the software via the hardware interface supplied.

The complete high-temperature solution from Hegewald & Peschke ensures reliable and traceable test results thanks to the accurate temperature control, ease of use and user-friendly test software.

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