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Servohydraulic testing machine inspekt H

Universal testing machines inspekt H-HF

Servo-hydraulic material testing machines up to 1000kN

The servo-hydraulic universal testing machines of the series inspekt H-HF have been designed for routine jobs in metalworking and building materials industries. They are equipped with a mechanical wedge type grip for round and flat specimens. Furthermore, two test spaces allow for tensile, pressure, and bending tests without changeover times, which guarantees a high test throughput. If required, it is also possible to use a load frame with a user-friendly, hydraulic clamping tool.

Load frame
The lower crosshead of the load frame is guided with the help of two fixed spindles, which are connected to the machine base. An electric motor moves the crosshead to the necessary distance to the upper crosshead. The upper crosshead is connected to the machine bench with two load-bearing columns. The machine bench is attached to the piston of the hydraulic cylinder. Thus, the machine bench is transmitting load to the upper crosshead.

Furthermore, the oil pump responsible for the hydraulics is equipped with a limiting switch, which stops every movement automatically when the crossheads get too close to each other. In total, the hydraulics unit consists of the oil pump, an oil tank, a filter, one hydraulic and one electro-hydraulic servo valve. This whole unit is stored in the lower part of the control cabinet.

Load measurement
To ensure exact load measurement, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH has equipped its universal testing machines of the series inspekt-H with a pressure sensor in the hydraulic circuit. It contains special electronic measuring equipment. For instance, in the range of 0.4 to 100 % nominal load the model inspekt H has a class 1 measuring accuracy according to DIN EN ISO 7500. As an option, it is even possible to get class 0.5 measuring accuracy. Furthermore, all optional load cells are equipped with sensor plugs, which guarantee automatic detection of set-up and calibration parameters.

Measuring and controlling system
The measuring and controlling system of the universal testing machine inspekt H-HF has been especially designed for the use in material testing machines. All elements of power supply, machine control and hydraulics are stored in one closed control cabinet. A digital controller is responsible for the control of the machine and synchronous data acquisition. It is directly connected to the testing software LabMaster. Communication with the PC is established with a USB or LAN port.

Industrial safety devices
For splintering, flogging or exploding samples, reliable operator protection is essential. Thus, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers optional safety enclosures including electric locks for the universal testing machine inspekt H-HF. The control of these safety devices is done by the testing software LabMaster.

Moreover, the pressure sensors of the universal testing machine inspekt H-HF are equipped with special overload protection. The machine also has an electronic and mechanic crosshead travel limitation and an internal check programme.

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