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Compression tests on packaging according to EN ISO 2234

Compression test on packaging (cartons/boxes) according to EN ISO 2234

Compression testing machine inspekt table 20 kN

Compression tests in accordance with DIN EN ISO 2234 are carried out on cardboard boxes to test the stacking behaviour, among other things. The strength of the packages is determined and the protection that the packaging offers its contents is assessed.

The effects (deformation, creep, breakage or other failure) of a stack load on individual cardboard boxes are analysed, from which, for example, the maximum stack height can be calculated.

These compression tests on cardboard boxes demand special requirements of the test system. When the carton is compressed, parts of the carton may fold or buckle. As a result, the compressive forces are only transmitted via individual points of the cardboard, which may not be positioned directly under the test axis. This results in a strong bending moment on the compression plates and the load cell, which can easily lead to damage to both components. To prevent lateral forces from being transferred to the compression plate or the load cell, the upper compression plate is mounted on tilting bearings. In addition, an electrical switch-off device consisting of 4 limit switches monitors the angle of tilting. As soon as the tilting angle exceeds a critical value, the test is stopped.

The test set-up is suitable for large cardboard, wooden, paper or plastic boxes and similar large test specimens.

The test area of the inspekt table compression testing machine can be widened and lengthened in various steps to enable tests on boxes of different sizes.

The LabMaster material and component testing software provides a complete, flexible and clear solution for carrying out the test procedures described in DIN EN ISO 2234 in accordance with the standards.

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