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Static tensile testing machines

The tensile testing machine or tensile tester, is used to examine materials. It can be used to simulate one-dimensional motion sequences (e.g. tensile tests), which are displayed in a force-displacement diagram or in a stress-strain diagram. These diagrams provide important characteristic values about the elasticity, plastic deformation behavior and load-bearing capacity of the material sample.

Our static tensile testing machines are suitable for various tasks in the field of materials testing and component testing. Due to the wide load range between 500 N and 2500 kN as well as the large variability of the test room sizes, the most different materials, specimen dimensions and components can be tested. The testing machines are equipped with the appropriate accessories for all common types of tests, including tensile tests, bending tests, compression tests or shear tests.

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For each test, the LabMaster testing software provides the appropriate test program - based on the specifications of the relevant standard or the customer-specific requirements. It is always only as complex as necessary and guides the user intuitively through the test procedure. The testing software, which was developed in-house by Hegewald & Peschke and is constantly optimized to meet the current needs of testing technology, also allows the integration of external devices and sensors as well as individualized data import and export solutions for the digitalization of the testing process.

The perfect coordination of all components of the testing system - tensile testing machine, accessories, testing software - guarantees a safe and efficient execution of the testing tasks and provides valid and reproducible test results at any time.

The tensile testing machines of the inspekt series

Inspekt - the name represents what the universal testing machines of this series are designed to do - namely, test materials, parts and components. In order to meet the requirements of every material and every component, different models of the inspekt testing machines have been developed.

For micro specimens, the inspekt micro with a nominal force of up to 500 N is perfectly matched.

The tensile testing machine inspekt solo is designed for test loads up to 2.5 kN and is thus mainly used for standard-compliant materials testing and component testing in the small load range.

In the load range between 5 kN and 30 kN the tensile testing machines inspekt duo (up to 10 kN) and inspekt blue (20 and 30 kN) convince among others by an attractive price-performance ratio and ergonomic workplace design.

The universal testing machines of the inspekt table series offer highest flexibility and reliability. With 5 load steps between 5 and 250 kN, extremely variable load frame sizes and a solid AC drive concept, the testing machines are equipped for versatile applications.

Our "big ones" are the inspekt machines, which truly deserve their designation as large load machines with test loads of up to 2,500 kN. The stable construction of these tensile testing machines with 4 guide columns and 2 precision spindles ensures highest measuring and control precision for material testing.

All static material testing machines are equipped with a future-proof digital control and measured value recording system. The modern control electronics impresses with its adaptive controller, its modular design, the extendibility as well as its fast control cycle. Furthermore, it offers the possibility to connect various peripheral devices as well as additional measuring and control channels.


Universal testing machine inspekt solo

Material testing machines up to 2.5 kN

The universal testing machine inspekt solo is a very lightweight testing machine, which has been designed for simple standard tests or customer-specific, more challenging tests...

Universal testing machine inspekt duo

Material testing machines up to 10 kN

The inspekt duo is a versatile two-spindle tensile testing machine for test loads of 5 to 10 kN. It is a further development of the inspekt table blue series from Hegewald & Peschke.

The inspekt duo machine series is ergonomically designed. Characteristic features include the large base plate, which allows the connection of peripheral devices such as extensometers, as well as the coupling of a tool tray and the equipment with protective doors. This guarantees use in harsh production environments as well as in sterile laboratories. The LabMaster materials testing software is available for fast and reliable evaluation of test results.


Universal testing machine inspekt blue

Material testing machines up to 30 kN

The inspekt blue material testing machines were designed for standard and routine tests. These universal testing machines are used, among other things, in quality assurance and are characterised by a particularly attractive price/performance ratio. The inspekt blue is suitable for tensile tests, compression tests, peel tests and bending tests on various materials. In combination with the ergonomic design and the new brushless drive concept, a safe and fast measurement is guaranteed with simplest operation both in the rough production environment and in the sterile laboratory area. 

Universal testing machine inspekt table

Material testing machines up to 250 kN

The testing machine series inspekt table was developed for standard-compliant materials and component testing in the medium load range, with particular attention paid to reliability and flexibility. It is ideally suited for materials testing of plastics or non-ferrous metals as well as for testing smaller components, for example from instrument engineering. Inspekt table is available in six different load levels from 5 kN to 250 kN. On request, the testing machines of the inspekt table series can be equipped with a second test area. They are available as floor-standing or table-top versions, depending on the requirements of the workplace.

Universal testing machine inspekt

Material testing machines 100 kN to 2.500 kN

The series inspekt fulfils highest demands in terms of measurement accuracy and versatility. It allows tensile, compression, bending or torsion tests, flexibly adapted to customers test conditions. It is also characterised by its first-class frame stiffness, modern control electronics, and a convincing cost/performance ratio. The size of the test rooms of the individual machines can be customized. It is also possible to add one or more test room. Thus, the top-quality, rugged machines can be used for almost any testing task at the best reliability and accuracy. 

Universal testing machine inspekt micro S500N

Material testing machines up to 500N

Static micro testing system with spindle drive for tensile testing, compression testing, peel testing and bending testing of micro components, as two-column testing system or testing system in C-frame construction...

Universal testing machines inspekt H-HF

Servo-hydraulic material testing machines up to 1000kN

The servo-hydraulic universal testing machines of the series inspekt H-HF have been designed for routine jobs in metalworking and building materials industries. They are equipped with a mechanical wedge type grip for round and flat specimens. Optionally, Hegewald & Peschke MPT GmbH offers a load frame with a user-friendly, hydraulic clamping tool. Furthermore, two test spaces allow for tensile, pressure, and bending tests without changeover times, which guarantees a high test throughput.


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