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Electromechanical test axes

Test axes for furniture testing, component testing and material testing

Electromechanical test axes can be used to perform fatigue tests, operational strength tests, functional tests and also static tensile tests, compression tests, bending tests and peel tests. The field of application of these test axes is very versatile and covers the areas of furniture testing, component testing and material testing.

Pneumatic test axes

Pneumatic test axes for different applications

  • Pneumatic cylinder (Festo), round cylinder with tie rods
  • Load-controlled, or load and position-controlled actuators (pneumatic test axes) with a 5 kN load cell and 20 mm clamping adapter for easy connection and exchange of pressure pieces
  • Test loads of 1500 N / 2500 N / 4500 N (depending on the piston diameter)...


Weight disks for furniture stability tests

  • aluminium weight disks acc. to EN with 350 mm diameter, 48 mm height and 10 kg weight for furniture stability tests  
  • steel weight disks, 5 / 10 kg, with ball grips and 32 mm bore, as additional weights used among others as seat weights

Loading pads

Loading pads for longtime furniture testing

Loading pads are all equipped with an adapter for the 20 mm clamp system and a Cardan joint to decouple the load cell from bending moments   

Standard types:

  • loading pad round, 100 mm diameter
  • loading pad round, 200 mm diameter 
  • seat dummies acc. to DIN/EN and NEN, GFK or polyamide full material ram rectangular, 250x200 mm (EN), GFK or polyamide full material...

Drop weights

Drop weights for impact and high-pressure tests

  • drop weights for impact and high-pressure tests, adapted to impact test stand  
  • seat impactor drop weight with spring mechanism, 25 kg        
  • drop weight 8" acc. to BIFMA, 9.1 kg...

Fixing elements

Fixing elements for furniture test rigs

  • continuous adjustable fixture height, adjustable between 100mm and 300mm
  • u-shaped fixture for the X-base center pillar
  • easy clamping of X-base (diameter from 35mm up to 115mm)

Test body

Test dummy for testing functional mechanics in acc. to ISO EN 13759

  • Testing of functional mechanisms for seating furniture and reclining sofas according to DIN EN 13759
  • Testing of hand-operated and motor-operated rocking mechanisms on seating furniture
  • Testing of strength and durability of mechanism

Load template

Load template for seating furniture

  • For tests according to standards EN 1022, ISO 7173 and EN 1728
  • arrow-shaped marking for the loading points "A" and "B"
  • marking of the load point "C" (stool)
  • integrated additional weight for a seat mass 20 kg;
    The additional weight is adjustable so that the the effect line of the gravitation to at least ±10 ° inclination runs by the point A.

Safe test results: