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Testing of seating furniture, upholstered furniture, tables, cabinets

Double alternating bending test rig

Double test rig for chair testing - Calmar one

Carrying out seat and backrest tests, side-to-side and armrest tests according to EN 1335, EN 581-2, EN 1728, BIFMA X5.1, BIFMA X5.4, BIFMA X6.5, BS 5459

Universal test fields

Universal test fields for alternating bending tests on seating furniture, upholstery, and tables - Calmar pro

  • testing of seat, seat back, arm rests and side to side test on seat and upholstery furniture as well as horizontal and vertical testing of tables in accordance to current standards, e.g. EN 1335-3, EN 581-2-3, EN1728, EN 527-3 and BIFMA X5.1
  • integrated  drop testing and testing of casters on seat furniture acc. to EN 1335, EN 68878, EN 1728, DIN 4551, DIN 4545,  EN 581-2, BIFMA X5.1, refer to article 40-920-182

Furniture test rig

Testing of chairs and tables according to DIN EN 1728 and DIN EN 1730

The variable and modular test field of the Calmar series consists of a central control unit and five force/displacement-controlled electromechanical test axes. It can be used to carry out cyclical service life tests as well as fatigue tests on components and furniture. 

Displacement test rig for tables

Displacement test rig for vertical and horizontal testing of tables and desks - Calmar pro

  • Displacement test rig for vertical and horizontal testing of tables according to EN527-3, EN581-2-3, EN1730, BIFMA X5.1 load or load/position controlle
  • 4 test axes for horizontal table testing, 1 test axis for vertical table testingr
  • the test axes each have their own controllers assembled in the immediate vicinity, which are operated from a PC via CAN-bus and work synchronised

Test rig for arm rests

Test rig for arm rest testing - Calmar one

  • test rig for alternating bending tests of arm rests according to EN 1335, EN 1728, EN 581-2, 
    DIN 4551, BIFMA X5.1 and BSI/BS 5459
  • basic test frame with electromotive height adjustment of the main traverse
  • can be equipped with 2 strength-regulated or strength-regulated and road-regulated actuators (pneumatic test axes), 2 load cells

Portal drop test rig

Portal drop test rig for seating furniture, tables, upholstery, beds - Calmar one

  • testing of chairs, stools, tables, beds acc. to BIFMA X5.1, BIFMA X6.1, EN 581-2, EN747-2, EN 1728, EN 1730, ISO 7173, EN 12520, EN 14072
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • moveable testing portal for carrying a drop tester

Stability testing table

Test bench for determining the stability of chairs

Test table for determining the stability of seating furniture such as chairs, swivel chairs, stools, armchairs, cantilever chairs in accordance with the standards EN 1022, EN 1729-2, EN 581-2, ISO 7174-2 and BIFMA X5.1

Tilting drop test rig - Calmar one

Test rig for tilting drop tests at chairs - Calmar one

  • Performance of tilt-fall tests on chairs according to DIN 68878/1
  • SPS-controlled test bench
  • automatic switch-off in case of fracture of the test specimen
  • Various chair types can be clamped on the base plate using sliding brackets 


Double test rig

Double test rig for alternating bending tests on seating furniture and upholstery - Calmar pro

  • testing of seat, back and arm rests, and side to side testing according to EN 1335, EN 581-2-3, EN 1728, DIN 68878, BIFMA X5.1
  • basic test frame with crosshead, that is height-adjustable by electric motor
  • can be equipped with 4 load-controlled or load- and position-controlled pneumatic test axes with 4 load cells 5kN

Swivel test rig

Swivel tests on seating furniture and furniture casters - Calmar one or Calmar pro

  • testing of casters, x-bases, substructures and gas springs on seating furniture according to DIN 4551, EN1335, NEN 1812 and BIFMA X5.1
  • equipped with 1 load-controlled pneumatic test axis, load cell 5kN and 1 electromotive rotation axis test
  • loads up to 2500 N

Integrated controller – supply terminal

Integrated controller with testing and evaluation software (supply terminal)

  • arbitrary number of furniture testing modules can be connected
  • simultaneous processing of 5 different actuators (pneumatic test axes) with different testing tasks and parameters is possible
  • extensive testing and evaluation software

Alternating bending test rig – seats

Alternating bending test rig for seating furniture - Calmar one

  • side to side testing of seats according to EN 1335, EN 1728, EN 581-2 und BIFMA X5.1
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • Basic test frame with portal frame

Table test stand

Test field for horizontal and vertical table testing, testing of cabinets - Calmar one

  • Testing of tables, horizontal and vertical load application; e.g. according to EN 527, EN 581-3, EN 1729, EN 1730, EN 12521, DIN EN 14074, DIN 68885; 3 cylinders
  • PLC controller "Calmar I"; number of cycles and cycle time can be set arbitrarily
  • box frame 2400x2400

Measuring station

3D-measuring station for seating furniture

  • determination of geometry/ ergonomics of seating furniture before and after long-term tests according to EN 1335,
  • EN 1728, EN 1729, EN 581-2-3, EN 13761, DIN 68878 and BIFMA X5.1
  • pneumatic lifting cylinder unit for simple positioning of the seat loading pad

Universal testing machine for furniture components

Universal testing machine for tests on furniture components, and materials

  • tests on X-bases, swivel joints, gas springs, foamed materials, plastic parts, cover fabrics
  • dimensions 1000x1000x1900 (width x length x height)
  • protective glazing

Testing machine for foamed materials

Special testing machine for foamed materials in seating furniture and upholsteries

  • determination of indentation hardness, and compression strength and deformation characteristics
  • automatic calculation of characteristic values and graphic representation
  • can be installed into a test field or used as desktop machine

Pendulum stroke test

Pendulum stroke testing for seating furniture and tables

  • determination of deflection, impact, absorption and damping, with graphic representation in a travel-time-diagram according to EN 581, EN 716, EN 1130,  EN 1153,  prEN 518, EN 1728 , EN 12221, EN 12227,  EN 12727,  ENV1178
  • automatic calculation of the characteristics S1, S2, D, K and S1k
  • test rig can be installed into any test field or free-standing

Test rig for car seats

With 1 electromechanical actuator 5 kN load-/position controlled

Test rig for vertical und horizontal test of car seats. 1 electromechanical actuator, without loading pads, including force sensor. Test procedure supported by comprehensive software.


Testing of seating furniture with the Calmar one furniture and component testing system

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